What to Keep in Mind While Writing a Cover Letter

Written by the SOJC Writing Central Team: Rachel Harbison, Claire Sigler and Aly Brandt.   A well-written cover letter could be all that it takes for a future employer to notice you. A good cover letter should be a perfect complement to your resume and provide a little more detail…

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How to create a strong brand persona on social media

Written by Gabi Deckleman, an account executive on the APWA account team Brands are everywhere. So much so that they drive us to wear what we wear, buy what we buy and follow what we follow. And just like us, brands have personalities. Social media gives brands a voice that…

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How To Develop Your Personal Brand

In elementary school, we wrote essays which were graded based on four categories: organization, grammar, content and voice. When I think of personal branding now, I am reminded of the "voice" category of that four-part rubric. Like successful elementary school essays, much of establishing who we are has to do…

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