Paid vs. Unpaid Internships: Should We Work for Free?

Written by Cassidy Scott, account executive for PRSA Oregon.  Finding the perfect internship commonly concerns the modern college student. However, what happens when the seemingly perfect internship is unpaid? Should students raise their quality of work to a higher bar and only take paid internships, or should they take the…
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Finding your Stride: Public Relations Specialties

Written by Mackenzie John, account supervisor for Volunteers in Medicine.  Deciding on a career choice starts with a feeling, or honing in on a skill that comes more naturally than the rest. Slowly but surely, one begins to identify what they enjoy, what they do well and how they work.…
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How to Make Your College Goodbyes Count

  Written by Ainsley Blandford, Account Supervisor for Volunteers In Medicine. As soon-to-be college graduates, we are hyper aware of the many good first impressions we have to make ahead of us. But what about our last impressions? Who and what do we say goodbye to? And more importantly, how?…
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