Finding your Stride: Public Relations Specialties

Written by Mackenzie John, account supervisor for Volunteers in Medicine.  Deciding on a career choice starts with a feeling, or honing in on a skill that comes more naturally than the rest. Slowly but surely, one begins to identify what they enjoy, what they do well and how they work.…

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The Days of Traditional Community Management are Limited 

Written by Jonathan Cervantes, Account Executive for Constellation Brands.  We’ve all been there—after a long day of travel, the airline you flew on loses your baggage. After conversing with the baggage claim manager, you begin to feel that it’s useless to continue the conversation. Instead of persisting to express your feelings…

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Crisis Communication Takeaways

Written by Claire Sigler, Account Executive for the SOJC Writing Central account team.  In the last three weeks, two crisis communication cases have captured the nation’s news and social media outlets: the United Airlines flight overbooking scandal and the American Airlines stroller incident. In public relations, the first statement a…

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