Quick Social Media Tips for Post-College Grads

Written by Sustainable Cities Initiatives account team members, Hayden Skoch, Daniella Espino, Kylie Foster, Camille Furby and Mollie Markey.  Online presence is a major part of all of our lives and dictates how others perceive us, for better or for worse. As the “real world” looms closer for graduating students, they may…

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The Days of Traditional Community Management are Limited 

Written by Jonathan Cervantes, Account Executive for Constellation Brands.  We’ve all been there—after a long day of travel, the airline you flew on loses your baggage. After conversing with the baggage claim manager, you begin to feel that it’s useless to continue the conversation. Instead of persisting to express your feelings…

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3 Social Media Content Trends to Embrace in 2017

Written by Kayla Troike, Account Executive on Constellation Brands Account Team. It’s undeniable that social media is a must-have tactic in your strategic communication tool belt. With more businesses utilizing social for their marketing, sales, and customer service needs, it’s crucial for PR professionals to have the ability to spot…

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