Your Public Relations Degree and Its Capabilities

Written by Katherine Wylie, Account Executive for JAJ Enterprises. Students spend the majority of high school preparing for college. Then, spend the majority of college prepping for the proverbial “real world.” Year in and summer out, most students bear the burden of finding relevant internships that will bolster their résumé,…

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What to Keep in Mind While Writing a Cover Letter

Written by the SOJC Writing Central Team: Rachel Harbison, Claire Sigler and Aly Brandt.   A well-written cover letter could be all that it takes for a future employer to notice you. A good cover letter should be a perfect complement to your resume and provide a little more detail…

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How to Have an “All-Star” LinkedIn Profile

Written by the Cowbucker Account Team: Dorie Pagnano, Noelle Accardi, Tyler Niles, Charissa Corlies and Alaina Waluk Having your LinkedIn profile reach "all-star" level takes work. Check out the tips below to elevate your professional online presence! 1. Upload Your Resume Uploading your resume to LinkedIn is the  key to ensuring…

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