Working abroad seems daunting and often nearly impossible to many young people. “Logistically, this could never happen,” you think. We limit our international experience the second we’re handed a diploma because, heck! It’s too late to study abroad anyway! …Right? Totally wrong.

Sure, packing your room with the intention of unpacking in another country sounds a bit intimidating. In actuality, the experience of working abroad could be well worth the initial goose bumps. Whether you’re interested in surfing down under or eating potatoes in Ireland, working for a PR firm abroad can be a great way to set your resume apart and gain experience in an international market.

Here are a few international firms that may spark your interest in an international PR career.

Location: Melbourne and Sydney, Australia
Firm: Ann Morrison Public Relations
Founded: Nearly two decades ago
Specialty: AMPR originally began as a firm specializing in fashion and lifestyle PR but have also expanded their talent to benefit the business, service and automotive fields. Visit AMPR’s website and Twitter.

Location: Dublin, Ireland
Firm: Drury Communications
Founded: Nearly 20 years ago
Specialty: Ranging from consumer to financial PR, litigation communication to public affairs, Drury Communications can provide its employees with a wide array of opportunities. Its mission emphasizes the link between effective communication and successful communication in its mission: “We believe in strategic partnership and rock-solid relationships.” Visit Drury’s website.

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Firm: Spice PR
Founded: 2002
Specialty: Spice PR fancies itself an expert in fashion, food, design and lifestyle work. From Jeffery West to Volvo to Evian, Spice manufactures creative campaigns to establish or secure its clients’ brands. Visit Spice’s website and Blog.

Location: London, UK
Firm: The London PR Agency
Founded: 2007 by former journalist Steve McComish
Specialty: The London PR Agency is a consumer and B2B PR firm and has extensive experience in UK national media relations. The agency is so confident in its ability to garner results that it guarantees national coverage to all committed clients. Visit the London PR Agency’s website and Twitter.

— Cassi Gritzmacher, Account Executive

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