Inspired by Matt Silverman’s post “The World Before the Internet,” I thought, “What would the world be like without Twitter?”

To analyze this thought, I narrowed the world down (just a little bit) to public relations students in general and Allen Hall Public Relations (AHPR) in particular.

AHPR is comprised of many Twitter-savvy public relations apprentices who share interesting and fun public relations topics with their followers.

Twitter interactions are encouraged in some classes, and AHPR agency meetings are Twitter-friendly. Tweeting allows us to build a community, share about our clients, seek help from experts and inform the rest of the world of our victories.

I joined Twitter awhile ago, but started getting into it these last few weeks. I discovered the amount of useful information that “tweeps” (twitter peeps) share with others. I realized that following conversations and reading tweets makes me feel part of the public relations community.

Although not all public relations students and practitioners are on Twitter, it is the ideal place to stay up-to-date with public relations hot topics, see what people in the industry are talking about, and interact with others who share the same interests.

Many thoughts later, I came to the conclusion that the world without Twitter would be just fine; however, it would be shameful to miss the opportunity to expand our digital footprint and become knowledgeable about the field in which we’d like to work. Because let’s be honest, being ahead of the game is more important than ever in this day and age.

So tweet away, tweeps! (But do not forget to listen first.)

-Anne Leverdier, Account Supervisor 

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