During the Boston Marathon tragedy on April 15, 2013, several people tried to communicate with the rest of the world through text, email, posts or phone calls. One modern social media tool stepped up to the plate during this crisis of communication – Twitter. This modern-day social media tool brought important information in second-by-second updates.

When the bombs went off at 3 p.m. along Boylston Street in Boston, pictures, videos, and tweets were immediately posted. The Boston Police and other medical officials directed everyone through evacuation routes that led through smoke, broken glass and blood. There were many people there who captured the event of the Boston Marathon to record what was suppose to be a wonderful moment of achievement. Sadly, the pictures and videos quickly turned around and became grim, but, the reporters were able to immediately utilize some of those recordings.

The Boston Police department’s Twitter page posted tweets moment-by-moment of what was going on and provided information to the public on what they were expected to do. As more and more photographs and videos were posted, investigators were able to piece together crucial information that was needed.

The act of people tweeting reassured some of the world where loved ones were and if they were safe. In addition, people were able to easily access information on where to go for help.

In these moments of tragedy, people turned to Twitter to get updated and informed rather than traditional news media.

-Post by Katie Bourus, Account Executive

Source: http://www.toonaripost.com/2013/04/us-news/boston-marathon-bombing-importance-of-twitter-in-a-crisis/

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