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Our philosophy at Allen Hall PR encompasses our goal of providing clients with professional work. Only through collaboration and communication can teams produce these results.

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My experience as an account supervisor has taught me how successful teams can operate. Here are five tips to ensure that teams are connected and work efficiently.

1. Divide responsibilities.

Delegating tasks to all team members allows each person to add value. My team’s client is Edge of Change, a business performance and leadership-building company. To create more local clientele, we are planning an interactive leadership event for May 2014. Our first step was to research potential venues, clients or attendees, and competition. Dividing this research among team membersgenerated a smooth start to the event planning process. We can more efficiently meet deadlines and reach goals when the responsibilities aren’t on the lap of a single team member.

2. Trust teammates.

After dividing work,teams need trust to become a cohesive unit. Trust allows teams to grow stronger and operate at higher levels. The most successful teams know each member’s strengths and weaknesses, and they know how to work together to produce impressive results for clients.

3. Provide honest feedback.

Trust comes with risks. Giving honest feedback to prevent subpar results is important. Because all team members share the same objectives, full honesty leads to achievable results.

4. Know your responsibilities.

Be accountable for your work. Asking questions to clarify the goals of the assignment prepares you for the tasks ahead. There are no stupid questions if it means that the answer will make the objectives clearer.

5. Use your intuition.

Go with your gut by taking risks, but always be prepared to pick up the pieces if something goes wrong. Some of the most creative ideas come from having no inhibitions. Have the courage to take calculated risks in the first place.

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At AHPR, we value teamwork because the input provided from each individual contributes to an overall vision. Differing opinions can discourage a team, but using these differences is a way to evolve and complete a task with stronger and more innovative strategies.

I’d love to add more successful teamwork tips to this list. Comment below with your suggestions for how PR account teams can shine!


Paige Jeffery is a senior Public Relations major who is preparing for graduation in June. Although she will miss her Ducks dearly, she is excited to pursue a career in PR in San Francisco, California. Connect with her on LinkedIn here.

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