Have you always wanted to conduct the perfect interview for a client? Here are 10 easy steps to follow to ensure interview success!

  1. Research your client/interviewee
    1. Make sure you know all of the basic facts about this person so that during the interview you’re fully prepared and ready to go.
  2. Schedule interview at a neutral location
    1. You want this interview to be as easy and comfortable as possible for both parties, so an accessible public place is a great option.
  3. Let them know how long the interview will take
    1. This will keep the interview on track and timely so that the interviewee knows that you are respecting his/her valuable time
  4. Send a reminder email the day before
    1. We’re all busy people, and sometimes our brains slip! It can never hurt to send a subtle reminder to help
  5. Arrive early at the interview and always remember to establish rapport first
    1. You want your interviewee to feel as comfortable with you as possible, otherwise he/she may not open up as much
    2. Tip! Make sure if you want to record the interview you ask for permission first
  1. Be prepared with questions
    1. Don’t be afraid to stray away from questions throughout the interview though!
  2. Keep it conversational
    1. It is important for the interviewee to feel at ease, so keeping it casual and conversational will allow them to trust you with sharing their information.
  3. Thank them for their time and for sharing their knowledge with you
    1. They took time out of their busy day to come meet with you, so make sure you thank them for their generosity.
  4. Don’t be afraid to reconnect (you should always follow up!)
    1. If there are ever any missing holes in a story/interview, it’s always a good idea to reconnect and ensure that you have all the information you need
  5.  Let them know how/when/where the interview will be used and if it will be public
    1. Always be transparent with your intentions concerning the interview, no one likes surprises!



Olivia Gonzales, Shelby Nelson and Raleigh Cavey are on the American Public Works Association account. All three will graduate in June 2015.



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