It’s week eight of winter term (can you believe it?), which aside from prompting panic over approaching finals, also marks the beginning of spring term registration. PR students should visit the UO Career Center and consider the Portfolio Reviews Workshop.

The Portfolio Review is treated by the UO SOJC as a model of assessment and is a requirement for graduation. The event is held at the end of J454: PR Campaigns.  Besides the opportunity to prepare in the workshop, there is another resource on campus that is open to any major and is good practice for presenting yourself to professionals: Practice Interviews at the UO Career Center.

The UO Career Center’s Practice Interview Program provides an opportunity to practice interview skills, gain confidence and receive feedback from a hiring professional. Guest employers conduct practice interviews with students and provide immediate feedback on their interviewing skills. Interviews are 45 minutes in length: 30 minutes for the interview with 10-15 minutes of feedback.

What is similar about the portfolio review to a practice interview? In the review, you present and receive feedback on your best classwork, alongside pre-professional work in internships, freelance work, Allen Hall PR, etc. The same skills apply to an interview: you want to show confidence about your experience and know how to respond vs. react to feedback. Here are three more benefits from both:

Preparation. Knowing what to expect and how to prepare will help calm nerves the next time you’re in front of an employer. Communicate evidence of your skills and abilities. Strategically highlight experiences, skills, and knowledge related to the industry and job.

Face-to-Face. Presenting yourself professionally on paper is different than in person. Practice telling your story verbally and in conversation.
S.O.A.R. The Practice Interviews are not for a position, but rather the experience of being asked behavioral interview questions. This interview technique is similar to how a student is asked to explain their portfolio pieces in a review:

S – Present the Situation and the role you played.
O – Identify the Obstacles you faced.
A – Describe your Actions.
R – Summarize the Results.

Employers who have participated include: FBI, REI, Ninkasi, Starbucks, Teach for America, City of Eugene, Kidsports, the Eugene Ems, and more. Interviews are full this term, however you may join the waitlist. Look forward to more practice interviews this spring.


For more information contact
Tina Haynes, UO Career Center
On-Campus Recruiting Coord.

Kevin LoderAccount Executive - Portfolio Reviews

–   Kevin Loder is an account executive with the Portfolio Reviews team. He plans to complete an internship in Rio de Janeiro before graduation in Spring 2016, and return to volunteer with the 2016 Rio Olympics. He is likely to pursue a communications career in Higher Ed, either on a campus or with a national organization supporting student success.

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