Allen Hall Public Relations is under the management of a dynamic group of public relations students at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication. Take a moment to get to know our firm director, Jessica Glackin.


Jessica Glackin  Firm Director

Year in school: Senior

Projected graduation: June 2015

Hometown: Beaverton, OR

Year with AHPR: 2



What does your position in AHPR entail?

As firm director, I manage the external operations of the firm. My responsibilities are primarily client-focused, and include acquiring new business and serving as the primary point of contact between the client and firm. I also oversee relationships between clients and their respective account supervisors, and work to develop a mutually beneficial partnership.


What’s next after graduation? What do you hope to specialize in?

Ah, the million-dollar question. After graduation, I hope to be working at an agency somewhere on the west coast serving consumer accounts. I realize that’s a fairly ambiguous answer, but as most seniors in my position know, the job hunt is a waiting game.


What advice did you get in college that has always stuck with you?

READ THE NEWS! It is impossible to be successful in the PR world if you are uninformed.


What advice can you offer to new students in the PR major?


  1. Going to class isn’t enough. Being involved on campus is critical, even if it’s not with a PR group or club. Although, I would recommend you practice PR in some type of extra-curricular facet. It’s important to be able to draw from life experiences outside of the classroom and when the “scenario questions” arise in an interview, you have will have more to talk about than a class project.


  1. Challenge yourself. Your boss and your professors aren’t always going to push you; sometimes you have to push yourself.


What are your must-reads for the aspiring PR professional?


The Defining Decade by Meg Jay, PhD is a great read for anyone in their twenties, interested in PR or not. This book was recommended to me over the summer, by a co-worker and explains the importance of making the most of your “twentysomethings” in regard to your career and personal life.


Share a few fun facts about yourself.

I am obsessed with Law and Order SVU. It is the most repetitive show. In fact, I am not sure how they continue to produce new episodes weekly. Nonetheless, my Netflix history is a direct indication of my fandom.

I love to sing. I will not sing in front of anyone, ever…but it’s hobby.

Connect with Jessica on twitter @JessicaGlackin and on LinkedIn.

Look for more Meet the Management Team posts in the near future. Next up, Q&A with Assistant Firm Director Hallie White.




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