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Blogging became popular in the late 1990s. Initially, blogging was a unique way to share individual thoughts with whoever happened to be interested; today, however, you can find blogs on a variety of specialized topics. In addition, blogging has become an important in the business world. Having a regularly updated blog increases a company’s authenticity and helps it reach its digital audience. Google and other major search engines organize their listings based on the amount of content pages the blog has. On top of specific blogs, the creators behind the blogs act as an important role in enhancing an image for brands.

Establishing connections with other bloggers is important for your brand or product as well because it promotes and markets your product to your target audience. Having bloggers post online or on social media helps connect the product with the company by creating awareness and reaching a broader audience. It demonstrates how the average person could integrate the product into his or her lifestyle. If you establish connections with industry-related bloggers and your brand, the blogger is more likely to post another product on their website or social media in the future.

There are different ways to reach out to bloggers to help promote your brand’s image. First, you can contact them personally through email or pitch letters. Bloggers’ contact information typically can be found on the blogs or on their websites. Another strategic way to contact bloggers is through their social media accounts. Twitter is a worldwide social media platform that can also be a useful networking tool. By showing personal interest in a blogger’s work and writing, you will boost the chances of creating a professional relationship.

Recently, our team employed these efforts to reach out to bloggers on behalf of our client, Fred Meyer. Quality Food Centers (QFC) is a supermarket chain based in the Pacific Northwest that is a subsidiary of Fred Meyer. The Portland West Hills QFC Store recently underwent a remodel and will celebrate its reopening of the store on Friday, Nov. 13. As a strategic public relations strategy, our team reached out to Portland-based food and “mommy” bloggers. We targeted bloggers whose listeners are organic and healthy because the store has expanded its number of natural products and organic selection. After sending pitch emails to these types of bloggers, we received numerous responses containing press kits; many people were also interested in creating a blog post to publicize the reopening of QFC. With this blogger outreach, QFC’s grand reopening will reach more consumers interested in a healthy lifestyle, further enhancing QFC’s brand within the health marketplace.


The Fred Meyer team consists of Account Supervisor and graduating Senior Cassy Brewer and Account Executives and current juniors Alaina Waluk, Jenna Foley and Noelle Accardi. 
Cassy plans to take her public relations aspirations to the ever-growing world of entertainment post-graduation. When not busy with school work, Cassy can be found catching up on the latest episodes of Ray Donovan or surfing through her E! News app. 
Alaina Waluk is junior at the University of Oregon pursuing her Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations. In the future, Alaina hopes to move back home to the Bay Area and work for a Public Relations firm in San Francisco. When not studying, Alaina can be found exploring the outdoors or catching up on Netflix.
Jenna is interested in going into event-planning or working in house for a surf brand in Southern California. In her free time, she finds herself hanging out with friends, or working at her part time job as an SOJC administrative assistant.
Noelle is a junior at University of Oregon majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Music Studies. She hopes to have a career in the entertainment PR business or work for a firm that specializes in music. If she is not doing homework, she is probably eating pizza or hiking her favorite places in Eugene.


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