Written by Cassy Brewer, Account Executive on the Fred Meyer team.
With summer quickly approaching, many students are in the midst of their job search. The job-hunting season has officially begun, which means the stress of applications, emails and resumes is greater than ever. Below are a few tips and tricks to ensure your application and resume will stand out from the rest:


Thoughtful Subject Lines
Subject lines in emails are one of the most dreaded parts of online communication. After you think you’ve perfected the email, the subject line is dauntingly staring at you waiting for a witty remark.
  • Avoid generic phrases like “Employment Opportunities”.
  • Use adjectives to give HR an idea of what type of employee you are, “Dedicated, thoughtful graduate seeking…”.
  • If you know who the email will be reaching, make it personal so it isn’t lost in their inbox.


Network Like Crazy
    More often than not, people don’t utilize networking sites, like LinkedIn, to their fullest
potential. Don’t be afraid to reach out to alumni, or someone you see you have a connection to. Also, make sure you are utilizing your close connections. These connections can help you network in your preferred industry. You have nothing to lose and certainly everything to gain!


Shape Your Social Media Presence
    If you know you want to work in a certain industry, make sure your online presence
represents it. Chances are, your future employer will scan all of your social media handles.
  • Retweet thought leaders within your desired industry.
  • Show you are actively reading and scanning the news.
  • Don’t be afraid to post your personal opinions about certain events and newsworthy stories. Employers want someone who has a voice and can provide input!
  • Avoid inappropriate content. Make sure to follow the “Would your grandma like this?” rule.


Separate Your Resume from the Rest
    Employers see a handful of resumes daily. Make sure your resume isn’t one they
simply gloss over.
  • Consistency is key. Make sure all abbreviations, punctuations and spacings are consistent throughout. Your resume is essentially a writing sample that they will use to judge if you can proof and perfect a document.
  • Don’t be afraid to use a pop of color. By this, we mean just a subtle hint (i.e., no bright yellows or pinks). A subtle color that will drift away from the traditional black and white can stand out!
  • Show what you achieved, rather than what you learned. Employers like to see outcomes from past employment opportunities. Use words like “Created…”, “Produced…”, “Generated…”. Active verbs go a long way.


Don’t be Scared to Ask for an Informational Interview:
  Informational interviews are a great way to not only get your foot in the door, but also to learn more about a company.
  • Make a list of questions beforehand! Every question matters.
  • Make most of your time: Many professionals will not have all day to speak with you, so it is important that you use your time wisely and make sure you get noticed!
  • Send “Thank You” and follow up emails.


It is Never Too Late for Experience:
If you are a busy college student or recently graduated, it may seem overwhelming when it comes to experience, or lack thereof, on a resume. Always remember that there is always time to gain more experience! You can ask to shadow a company for a day, volunteer in an office, or make the most of your networking resources and scout for openings or informational interviews. Experience is the best source of knowledge.


Be Yourself!
When you are being interviewed for a job or internship, show your personality. It is okay to be yourself and start side conversation in interviews. Interviews may be nerve-racking and scary, but the more you showcase your personality, the more the company will see who you are and if you are a good fit for the company culture.


Make Your Cover Letter About Your Strengths not Your Resume:
A cover letter is the first piece of writing an employer may see. They do not need to read your resume in paragraph form. Use your resume as a guide for your strengths and how they would be beneficial to the position. Make your cover letter STAND OUT. Catch someone’s eye by being yourself and explaining why you are perfect for that position.


Ask Questions:
A potential employer is just as interested in you as you are in them. Make sure you do your research when applying to a specific job, so you can ask informative questions, and show genuine interest during an interview. An employer is more likely to hire you if you seem passionate about the job and the company as a whole.


Don’t Give Up:
No matter how many rejections you get, don’t give up! Use each rejection as a learning experience, and instead of getting upset or angry, simply ask what you could have done better, and keep the connection. Use the advice to perfect your portfolio, resume, and interview skills to keep doing better with each opportunity and eventually the perfect job will come your way.
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