Written by Olivia Dietch, Account Executive for the PHOX team

A press release is an official statement usually issued to a variety of publications giving information on a particular matter. By law, some corporations are required to send press releases via a news wire. Other companies choose to use media relations and email to release information. However, with the growth of social media and instant sharing, some companies are becoming creative with how they push news to their audiences. With all of the different ways to send press releases, how does one decide which is best? It is crucial to get the word out quickly to as many people as possible, but how do you convey the information in an appealing way?

Try using social media as your initial platform to share the press release. Is tweeting the press release link beneficial? Is posting it on Facebook strategic? The use of social media is an excellent tool in reaching your audience quickly while providing visual engagement.

Here are some factors to consider before distributing a press release:

Your Audience: It is your job as the person writing the press release to make it engaging and newsworthy for your audience. Some companies, such as Frito Lay, use their social media following to their advantage when posting news. Frito Lay does an excellent job at communicating with followers and visually representing information. The company shares videos, images and encourages active participation on its social platforms. Here’s the bottom line: If you want to use social media as a news outlet, make sure it is appealing to your audience; think about your following.

Your Engagement Factor: After deciding your audience is a fit, it is your job to make them notice. Give your audience a reason to engage; ask for feedback, offer further information, or include multimedia, like video, link and picture elements, to captivate the audience.

Your Share Factor: Social media relies on sharing and spreading information. If you choose to place your press release on your social pages, give people a reason to share it. It is important to incorporate relevant news in your press release. It is twice as important to do so on social pages. This will help convince people to pass on your relevant content. Sharing information is beneficial because it can gain ample coverage and spread to a variety of audiences.

Your Presentation: A traditional press release doesn’t typically grab the attention of social media audiences. Although your information may be relevant and interesting, if you do not present it in an appealing way, in the form of a video or image, chances are it isn’t going to gain coverage. It may be as simple as a humorous hook, an informal tone or a great headline to keep the audience coming back for more. Remember on social media you’re competing with cute pet photos and hot vacation spots.

In today’s world, you can repurpose your press release for as many distribution channels as possible, as long as you identify the right audience. Convey the information in a visual way and perhaps social media is just the place to send it.


Olivia will be graduating this June in hopes of working at an agency specifically focusing on lifestyle-oriented clients and work on brand management or event planning. 

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