Written by Cassy Brewer, account supervisor for the Fred Meyer account team

Gone are the days of email blasts and Myspace. Say hello to the new dominating social media platform: Snapchat. The 24-hour instant video and photo messaging app allows users to send quick snaps that are to be erased in a matter of seconds, or within 24 hours. Although Facebook still trumps all platforms in terms of overall social media usage, Snapchat has taken the lead with social media users aged 12-24. Of these users, 72% of them actively use Snapchat, while 26% of them say they use Snapchat as their most active social media channel (Schaefer, 2016).


With this new platform comes the opportunity to set your company aside as a tech-savvy organization that can effectively reach an audience of Millennials. These Millennials, 10 billion of whom are watching photos and videos on the photo-sharing app, have the power to set trends and create thoughtful content that can benefit your company rather than just consuming it (Frier, 2016). With social media taking a large stance and creating an even larger presence with consumers, getting on the Snapchat train is a no-brainer. Here are five ways to incorporate Snapchat into your public relations strategy:


  1. Promote Snapchat on other platforms. If you’re just getting into the Snapchat game, be sure to promote your Snapchat username to your other social media followers. Snapchat is about timeliness and real-time, so be sure to emphasize what you will be posting on the channel. Remember your audience of Millenials is already on Snapchat, so promoting it on other channels is a sure way to get your handle added.
  2. Create geofilters. Geofilters are designed overlays that can be put over a photo or video based on location. These filters must be designed from original content and have to pertain to a certain geographic location. When users take a snap, they can swipe right to see what locations or events are nearby. This can create active engagement with your company by allowing users to create their own content with the integration of your company. Be sure to follow Snapchat’s guidelines when creating these filters: https://support.snapchat.com/en-US/a/geofilter-guidelines
  3. Create stories. One of the most attractive things about Snapchat is the real-time, storytelling aspect of it. Users can create a story that will show to all of their friends for 24 hours with the mixed integration of photos and videos. Similarly, you can write and animate on these stories. This can be used for sneak peeks of products, special giveaways or any other timely aspect that you find works best for your company.
  4. Use influencers. In a day where Kim Kardashian means more to Millennials than Joe Biden, it is no doubt that celebrities hold a great deal of influence. One popular trend that ensures a large following on Snapchat is having a celebrity or online influencer “take over” your Snapchat. This allows them access to sign into your account and essentially post on your behalf for 24 hours.
  5. If budgetary issues are a problem, this step might not be right for you. However, we have seen many companies pay-to-promote on Snapchat with ads that are curated to look like authentic snaps, as well as promoting a company or event with a Discover channel. Discover channels are automatically programed into every Snapchat user’s app and provide timely news, stories and events based on specific niches and markets.


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Cassy Brewer is a senior Public Relations major and is the account supervisor for the Fred Meyer account. Post-graduation, she will move to Los Angeles, CA where she has accepted a position at the Beverly Hills-based talent agency William Morris Endeavor. When not busy with school work, Cassy can be found binge watching crime documentaries, catching up on daily news via The Skimm or reading the monthly issue of Vanity Fair. 

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