Written by the Cowbucker Account Team: Dorie Pagnano, Noelle Accardi, Tyler Niles, Charissa Corlies and Alaina Waluk

Having your LinkedIn profile reach “all-star” level takes work. Check out the tips below to elevate your professional online presence!

1. Upload Your Resume

Uploading your resume to LinkedIn is the  key to ensuring your profile is the best it can be. Presenting your resume directly on your profile can enhance your chances for getting hired by a potential employer, as it gives additional information which can be useful when being recruited for a certain jobs. Creating and uploading a resume that is thoughtful, clear and unique highlights your individual character beyond what employers can grasp from viewing your basic profile. Your resume showcases skills such as design, recommendations, contact information, and other talents relevant to your industry.

2. Making Connections

When connecting with someone on LinkedIn, the goal is to have a mutually beneficial relationship. A good way to do this is to reach out to the desired party and begin to build the foundation of a relationship. Sending a quick message is a great way to stand out from other connections. Whether that message is thanking them for their time if they spoke at an event or meeting, or merely introducing yourself, crafting a personalized message ensures you will be a memorable connection.

3. Job Descriptions

Listing your responsibilities under your job title will help prospective employers understand your relevant and useful experience. Many people do not know exactly what being a “director” or “intern” may entail, so explaining your day-to-day operations helps you look like a more qualified candidate. It’s best to keep these bullet points clear and concise, only highlighting your largest obligations and important points of achievement.  

4. Follow Companies and Publications

Follow companies, publications, and organizations you may be interested in to stay up to date with what is happening in your industry, as well as internally for each particular group. Companies often post about positions they are hoping to fill that you may not otherwise find out about. Even if you aren’t ready to dive  into the job hunt just yet, you can see what qualities these companies are looking for in a candidate and strengthen your skills accordingly. Following publications and other groups allows you access to news and stories that relate to your field of interest. Another tip is to add to the conversation, commenting on posts is a way to interact with others in the industry and strengthen your personal brand.

5. Skill Endorsements

Recently, LinkedIn started allowing people to endorse one another for their listed skills. This feature is especially useful because now rather than listing your skills to employers, you have extra validation of your strengths. These endorsements are a way to showcase your professional strengths, and create a personal brand for yourself. Having the most endorsements on your best strengths demonstrates to potential employers what qualities you find valuable in your work, the impressions of others who have worked with you, and how successful you’ll be working in the field.

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