Written by Alaina Waluk, Account Executive on Cowbucker Account Team.

It’s that time of the year in the Knight Library when the increasing amount of people studying matches your increasing need for caffeine. Finding those secret study spots around campus can be tough, but whether you are working on a group project or need a cozy place to catch up on reading, we’ve compiled a list of the best study spots in Eugene!

Max’s: 13th Street

Max’s is more than just a place to dance on tables to Sweet Caroline, it is also a great spot for group studying!  If it is early in the week, grab a beer with your group and get creative. And who doesn’t love endless popcorn as a study snack?

Pro Tip: Ask for their cider on tap.

Townshend’s Tea: 41 W Broadway

Looking for a place off campus to do your work? Check out Townshend’s Tea downtown! With an endless tea selection and comfy couches, Townshend’s is a great place to study or do some homework in a fun environment. Plus, it’s walking distance to Sizzle Pie and Voodoo, it’s the perfect reward for some hard earned study hours.

Pro Tip: Try any Brew Dr. Kombucha.

Vero: 14th and Pearl

Vero Coffee is known for their cozy ambiance and their amazing breakfast paninis. The big yellow house sits on the corner of 14th and Pearl and always draws students and professors from the UO. With catchy music and open tables, Vero makes a study session seem way less boring. When the weather’s nice, sit at the park benches on their patio where you can work on your tan as well as your homework!

Pro Tip: Check out their Green Tea Latte.

Tailored Coffee Roaster: Inn at the 5th

Tailored Coffee Roaster gets their reputation for their clean white walls, craft coffee and awesome jams. The minimalistic aesthetics and old school records will give you the inspiration you need to finish your paper. The only downside is that there are very limited outlets, so make sure your laptop is fully charged!

Pro Tip: Order an espresso to give you a jump start, and try their avocado toast.

Coffee Plant Roaster: West 11th

If you want to study a little further from campus, definitely check out Coffee Plant Roaster. Located down West 11th, Coffee Plant Roaster is known for their hand crafted coffee as well as their juice bar. Space is limited but it is a great place for both solo work and group meetings.

Pro Tip: Order any of their juices or acai bowls!
Happy studying from Allen Hall Public Relations!

Alaina Waluk is a senior studying public relations at the University of Oregon. Aside from her work on Allen Hall PR, she is currently a part of the UO’s PRSSA mentorship program as a mentor as well as an intern with Universal Pictures. Upon graduation, she hopes to start her career at an agency in San Francisco. She believes a day can’t go by without a strong work ethic and an even stronger coffee. 

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