Written by Ethan Dagenais, Account Executive on the Portfolio Review Account Team. 

In a past life, he was himself. If opportunity knocks and he is not home, opportunity waits. He gave his father the talk. These are a few examples that have described the most interesting man in the world. In 2006, Dos Equis released an advertising campaign that would last nine years and prove to be a huge success. The Most Interesting Man in the World campaign helped increase the brand value 22 percent by telling the story of a rugged and mysterious man thats lived a life full of adventures. A man so dangerous and exciting that the only beer good enough to satisfy his thirst is an ice cold Dos Equis.

So how does this campaign possibly make someone want to get into PR? Let’s take a closer look at what it means to be the most interesting man in the world. The Most Interesting Man in the World is a storyteller. Yes, he’s good looking and dresses well, but people are mainly attracted to him and his personality because he has something to offer: a lifetime of stories. Some of the stories are a bit exaggerated, but more or less he’s traveled the world, tried different things, met new people, succeeded, failed, and lived a life that’s worth sharing. We associate his experiences being the things that make him interesting.

PR professionals are strategic storytellers who find new and creative ways to reach people all around the world to connect with. They think outside the box, they know they’re audience and how to connect with them, they research and craft their messages and in doing so they can tell a narrative about whomever their client is. We are drawn to stories and the ones who share them, so it’s only natural to be drawn to a career in public relations.

I’m excited to see where a career in PR will take me and the people it will introduce me to. I may not become the most interesting person in the world, but I will be challenged and put into situations where I get to travel and have experiences that will shape me into the man I’ll one day be. Cheers to you Dos Equis! You’ve created a successful campaign and reaffirmed my belief that PR is the place for me.

Ethan Dagenais will be graduating this March with a major in public relations and minor in business from the University of Oregon. He is an account executive working with the SOJC Portfolio Reviews. Outside of AHPR, he is the communications director for Modern Tribe Outfit and is competing in the PRSSA Bateman Case Study Competition. Ethan plans to pursue his PR career in Portland, Oregon after graduation.


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