Written by Mackenzie John, account supervisor for Volunteers in Medicine. 

Deciding on a career choice starts with a feeling, or honing in on a skill that comes more naturally than the rest. Slowly but surely, one begins to identify what they enjoy, what they do well and how they work. Writing, public speaking, brainstorming and anticipating what is to come all come naturally to those of us pursuing a career in communications. The beauty of public relations is the ability to integrate one’s passion with their career. Check out these five specialties of public relations:

  1. Crisis communications: Looking for a fast-paced environment that is ever changing? Crisis communications professionals work to defend an organization from any sort of public threat it may face. Consider the United Airlines disaster this past spring; security guards dragged a man off the airplane, and within hours, the video went viral. Up for the challenge of positioning United in a place to handle the ensuing 48 hours? Crisis communications may be the job for you.

Sample Job: Managing Supervisor of Crisis Communication in New York – lead the development and implementation of crisis preparedness and crisis management programs and plans.

  1. Food and Beverage: A food enthusiast looking to integrate your passion with your desire to work in public relations? Food and beverage public relations is a growing field, with firms solely dedicated to marketing and branding restaurants, food carts and grocery boutiques. Focused specifically on straightforward marketing, trending social media and out of the box thinking, food and beverage public relations always has the scoop on the industry’s latest trends.

Sample job: Work in-house for a new Los Angeles bar, “Ever Bar” – handle Ever Bar’s branding, social media and opening events.

  1. Entertainment: Is Scott Disick really with Sophia Richie? Although considered a guilty pleasure to some, Snapchat news captures our attention better than a lecture. Entertainment public relations relies heavily on traditional public relations in the way that actors, musicians and numerous public figures must relay information from the individual to the masses via social media and other media outlets. Working directly for a public figure, entertainment firm or media source are all options for those interested in the entertainment specialty.

Entertainment: Public Relations Internship for CBS – learn how to work for a media outlet company and maintain contacts.

  1. Investor Relations: Wondering what to do with your business minor? Investor relations is a strategic management strategy that integrates communication skills with the knowledge of economics and finance. A professional who specializes in this field works to foster two-way communication between the investor and the organization.

Sample job: Investor Relations Associate for Square in San Francisco – heading the team that manages investor communications and working to improve value through effective communications of financial strategy.

  1. Nonprofit: Looking to work for a worthwhile cause while implementing the skills you learned in college? Nonprofit public relations is a rapidly growing field that offers extensive opportunity to work in different areas of public relations. Focused on finding the right media outlets and educating the public about the cause at hand, nonprofits are always in need of a public relations specialist with a drive to do good and the ability to connect with people.

Sample job: Habitat for Humanity International’s Specialist in Public and Media Relations in Atlanta, Georgia – focus on events, initiatives, crisis communications, financial and fundraising data, and both internal and external public relations.

What can set you apart in the job market? Tailoring your public relations education and integrating your passion, personality and individual skill set into your portfolio gives you the ability to take your career to the next level. Consider these five specialties of public relations and you just may find your stride.

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