Written by Nina Yanez, account executive and social media director for Allen Hall Public Relations.

On Nov. 28, we received a widely anticipated discussion from Lea Adamovic, Assistant Account Executive at Edelman in Portland. Lea graduated from the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication in 2016 and served as an Account Executive at Allen Hall Public Relations during her time in Eugene.

After graduation, Lea served as an intern at Zeno Group, a sister agency to Edelman. After her six-month internship, Lea was able to transition to a new role at Edelman in March of 2017.

Here are the top three takeaways from Lea:

Agency first.
You hear this question often, agency or in-house? Lea’s thinks agency. With experience working at two agencies, she’s certain the experience benefitted her most. Lea recommends kick starting your public relations career within an agency as they are a great place to expand your skillset. Agencies give an opportunity to learn industries, market segments, media channels and design skills.

Work beyond media relations.
Make yourself more marketable by going beyond your expertise in media relations. When asked what skills she wished she would have obtained in her time at Oregon, Lea said she wished she had more experience in digital design. Lea also stressed the importance of data analytics within her position.

Don’t Settle.
Lea says, “Don’t settle especially if you feel the culture isn’t the right fit.” Prior to finding Edelman, Lea said she felt concerned wondering where the right place was for her. Lea applied to a job her parents pushed her toward in California, but the interview process gave her a negative “gut feeling.” Fortunately for Lea, she followed her instincts and turned the opportunity down, which ultimately led her to Edelman.

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