Written by Lilian Morrill, account executive and social media director for Allen Hall Public Relations. 

On Jan. 16 we had the privilege of hearing from SOJC alumnus Jesse Davis. Jesse graduated from the University of Oregon in 2011 with a Journalism major and a Business minor.

Right out of college, Jesse went to work at a small public relations agency to gain some experience. From there he moved to a larger agency, learning more than he ever thought was possible. After working at an agency, he had the opportunity to work in-house at Nike as the Global Digital Production Manager. Jesse also spent a few years at GoPro as their International Social Marketing and Public Relations Manager. His position gave him the opportunity to travel to over 30 countries and work with people from all over the world.

Here are our top three takeaways from Jesse:

Build Your Personal Brand

Jesse encouraged us, and everyone who is searching for a job, to figure out what you stand for and what you believe in. After that, you can map out your plans and find out how you’re going to get there. Developing your personal brand helps not only yourself while searching for jobs, but also companies and future employers when they are hiring. If you are passionate about your business, then your potential for success is endless.

Go Agency Before In-House

Jesse knows from experience that working at an agency before taking an in-house job is extremely beneficial for career development. Jesse said that he learned more in one month at a public relations agency than he ever did in college or high school combined. Agencies are fast-paced and teach you how to balance multiple clients at once who all want your attention. Agency life pushed him to be more creative and think outside the box since he got the opportunity to work with so many different people.   

Be an Authentic Storyteller  

Being an international storyteller, Jesse has learned the importance of being authentic with your audience. While he worked at GoPro, Jesse would travel all over the world for events and planning sessions. Before visiting a new country, he would make sure to do his research and have an understanding of how it was changing and evolving from cultural, social, and political perspectives. Once he knew this information, he would construct campaigns that fit GoPro’s  brand and the culture of the country he is presenting. Jesse attributes some of his storytelling skills to the SOJC and the foundation that his professors and peers distilled within him.

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